Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to submit an application to study abroad from UIC if you meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. You are currently enrolled at UIC as a degree-seeking student
  2. You have earned a minimum of 12 credit hours at UIC
  3. You are in good academic standing

You are eligible to apply to a specific study abroad program if you meet the criteria above and:

  1. You have completed the SAO application form
  2. You have met with your SAO Advisor have his/her support to submit a program specific application
  3. You meet all the minimum requirements of your planned study abroad program which could include course pre-requisites, GPA, language levels, and class standing

You are eligible to participate in a study abroad program if you meet all the criteria above and:

  1. You have no holds on your UIC student account
  2. You have no outstanding discipline record
  3. You have paid all fees to the program sponsor in full
  4. You have attended the UIC Study Abroad Office Pre-Departure Orientation


Students are not eligible to study abroad in their country of passport.

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