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One of the best sources of initial information about a program abroad is social media.  Comments, pictures, particular term student pages can all help a student connect with people and place before they make a decision.  Below is an alphabetical list by country of some of our program partners with hyperlinks to their facebook pages.



Program web page


Argentina Buenos Aires

IES: Advanced Spanish Immersion

Australia Sydney

IES: Direct Enroll Options

Australia Adelaide

The University of Adelaide

Austria Vienna

IES: European Society & Culture; Music and Performance; Psychology

China Shanghai

IES: 21st Century China; Business in China; Summer Internship

China Kunming

IES: Summer – China & Southeast Asian Development

China Beijing

IES: Contemporary Issues in China; Language Intensive

Czech Republic Prague

CEA: Prague Full Curriculum

Czech Republic Prague

CIEE: Central European Studies Program

Ecuador Quito

IES: Area Studies & Language; Environmental Studies; Direct Enroll

France Paris

IES: Business & International Affairs

France Paris

IES: French Studies Program

Germany Berlin

IES: Language & Area Studies; Metropolitan Studies and Architecture

Germany Freiburg

IES: Abroad European Union

Greece Thessaloniki

American College of Thessaloniki

Greece Athens

American College of Greece

India New Delhi

SIT: Himalayan Buddhist Art and Architecture

India New Delhi

SIT: National Identity and the Arts

India New Delhi

IES: Language & Area Studies

Indonesia Bedulu

SIT: Arts, Religion, and Social Change

Ireland Dublin

SIT: Transformation of Social and Political Conflict

Ireland Dublin

IES: Irish Studies; Gaiety School of Acting; Internship; Direct Enroll

Ireland Dublin

University College Dublin

Italy Rome

Loyola University John Felice Rome Center

Italy Florence

SACI: The Art School of Florence

Italy Rome

Temple University Architecture, International Business, Liberal & Visual Arts

Italy Milan

IES: Business Studies; Music Tradition and Innovation; Italian Studies

Italy Rome

IES: Language and Area Studies; Internship

Japan Tokyo

Temple University Language and Area Studies

Japan Tokyo

IES: Language Intensive; Society and Culture

Jordan Amman

SIT: Modernization and Social Change

Morocco Rabat

IES: Language and Area Studies; Francophone Studies

Morocco Rabat

SIT: Arabic Language and Community Service

Nepal Kathmandu

SIT: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

Netherlands Amsterdam

IES: Law and Criminology; Psychology; Area Studies; Music Conservatory; Society, Culture, and Gender

New Zealand Auckland

IES: Direct Enrollment Options

Nicaragua Managua

SIT: Revolution, Transformation, and Civil Society

South Africa Cape Town

IES: Direct Enrollment Options

Spain Bilbao

Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Deusto

Spain Madrid

St. Louis University in Madrid

Spain Valencia

UVA: Hispanic Studies

Spain Barcelona

IES: Summer Intensive Internship

Spain Salamanca

IES: Language and Area Studies in Salamanca

Spain Madrid

IES: Language & Area Studies; Engineering, Architecture, & Science

United Kingdom London

London School of Economics, Summer Session

United Kingdom London

London School of Economics General Course, Academic Year

United Kingdom London

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts

United Kingdom London

IES: Health Practice & Policy; Theater Studies; Direct Enroll Options

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