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Chancellor’s FirstGen Flames Abroad Scholarship

Chancellor Michael Amiridis has graciously supported the launch of a new scholarship to encourage first-generation, first-year undergraduate students to study abroad.  The Chancellor’s FirstGen Flames Abroad Scholarship is designed to award first-year students whose parent(s) did not complete a bachelor’s degree with a scholarship to study abroad. Students will find out during their first year at UIC if they have earned the scholarship and will have the remainder of their time at UIC to use the scholarship towards the costs of an approved UIC faculty-directed or exchange program. In addition to receiving a scholarship, FirstGen Flames Scholars will participate in a series of workshops as a cohort to learn about selecting a study abroad program, opportunities for additional funding, integrating study abroad into their academic major, and using international education to advance their career.

Our goal, as with everything we do, is to provide students with the tools they will need to be successful after graduation. One of the greatest tools we can offer is the opportunity to study outside of their comfort zone – and to experience life and learning in another country.

Chancellor Michael Amiridis

Please expand this section for details about the scholarship and application process.

Spring 2021 Cohort Heading link

Headshot photo of Jocelyn Becerra

Jocelyn Becerra

Jocelyn is pursuing a degree in bioengineering with interests in mechanical engineering, human development, and supporting those with disabilities. She is interested in exploring study abroad programs in Japan, Greece, Italy, Costa Rica or Spain and is most excited about meeting new people and working to understand cultural differences.

Headshot photo of Celeste Bonga

Celeste Bonga

Celeste is majoring in kinesiology and is a track-and-field athlete.  She is open to exploring study abroad programs in many destinations but has a specific interest in France and the continent of Africa. She is most looking forward to experiencing a different culture and having the opportunity to study and live in a different environment.

Headshot photo of Guadalupe Cuellar

Guadalupe Cuellar

Guadalupe is studying political science and economics with a minor in international studies and math. She is considering studying abroad in South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, or Spain and is most looking forward to immersing herself in the host culture and engaging with locals.

Headshot photo of Grecia Espinoza

Grecia Espinoza

Grecia is studying public health. She is considering a few programs, including UIC’s Disaster Preparedness and Global Health in the Caribbean program, studying holistic medicine in India, or perhaps studying Spanish in Spain. She is most excited to meet new people from outside the U.S. and to get to know their culture by discovering new foods and hobbies.

Headshot photo of Ivan Garay

Ivan Garay

Ivan is majoring in finance. He is interested in studying abroad in Italy. Having not traveled much outside of Illinois, he is most excited to learn in a different context. Ivan shared that studying abroad will help him in his future profession as a financial analyst by allowing him to enhance skills such as communication, adaptation, and appreciating different ideas and perspectives.

Headshot photo of Alex Lopez

Alex Lopez

Alex is a junior English major who is interested in teaching English abroad, ideally in Japan. He is most excited about trying new foods and meeting new people. Alex shares that he wants to study abroad to step outside of his comfort zone and to broaden his horizons by experiencing new traditions.

Headshot photo of Yadira Martinez-Victoria

Yadira Martinez-Victoria

Yadira is studying marketing and is interested in studying abroad in Spain. She is most excited to experience what life is like outside of the United States and is eager to learn about the education system of her host country.

Headshot photo of Jason Mei

Jason Mei

Jason is studying business administration. He is interested in exploring study abroad options in Europe, South America, or Africa and is most looking forward to expanding his own perspective and meeting people from different cultures.

Headshot photo of Maegan Resuello

Maegan Resuello

Maegan is studying art history and is specifically interested in 18th century French art history. She is hoping to study abroad in France or elsewhere in Europe and is most excited to meet new students abroad and to expand her network.

Headshot photo of Jocelyn Ruiz

Jocelyn Ruiz

Jocelyn is studying art and specifically enjoys working with acrylic paints. She has always been interested in studying abroad and is open to studying in many different countries. Jocelyn is looking forward to studying abroad to push her outside of her comfort zone and to expose her to new ideas and potential areas of interest for her academic and career goals.

Headshot photo of Emily Villagomez

Emily Villagomez

Emily is a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and is considering a major in anthropology or archaeology with a minor in art and entrepreneurship. She’s considering studying abroad in Spain and explained in her application that studying abroad will help her in the fields of anthropology or archaeology by giving her insights into how other cultures live while assisting her in gaining experience in connecting with people from different backgrounds.