Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to submit an application to study abroad from UIC if you meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. You are currently enrolled at UIC as a degree-seeking student
  2. You have earned a minimum of 12 credit hours at UIC
  3. You are in good academic standing

You are eligible to apply to a specific study abroad program if you meet the criteria above and:

  1. You have completed the SAO application form
  2. You have met with your SAO Advisor have his/her support to submit a program specific application
  3. You meet all the minimum requirements of your planned study abroad program which could include course pre-requisites, GPA, language levels, and class standing

You are eligible to participate in a study abroad program if you meet all the criteria above and:

  1. You have no holds on your UIC student account
  2. You have no outstanding discipline record
  3. You have paid all fees to the program sponsor in full
  4. You have attended the UIC Study Abroad Office Pre-Departure Orientation
Choosing the right program and academic fit
Choosing the program that’s right for you can be difficult. You should think about programs that fit into your academic goals and your personal interests.

Attend a First Step Advising Session. These are held several times a week in the Study Abroad Resource Center. This is a 15 minute automated presentation followed by Q&A with an SAO staff member. The session schedule is on our website.

Use the Program Search function on our website to access specific program information or come to the Study Abroad Resource Center (502 University Hall) for walk-in advising to help you narrow down your choices. Then, make an appointment with an SAO advisor to discuss your choice and how the study abroad program you choose will fit into your academic plan.

Many colleges and departments have planning tools to create a degree plan and calendar. Some questions to consider as you think about program location and remaining academic requirement for graduation at UIC might include: “What courses do I still have to complete for my major, minor, and breadth/general education requirements?”; “How many terms do I have left to complete my degree?”; “If required by my major, can I stay in course sequence while I am abroad?”.

Know your DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)
Knowing where you are in your academic career is essential to choosing the study abroad program that’s right for you. A DARS report is a record of an undergraduate student’s progress toward a degree or certificate program. It shows which requirements have been completed and which requirements still remain to be completed. For assistance in acquiring or reading your DARS, please contact your college advisor or visit my.uic.edu
Getting credit
All coursework taken abroad must be pre-approved by the appropriate signatory depending on what kind of credit you want, i.e. to fulfill requirements toward major/minor, basic language [101-104], general education, or elective. Your SAO advisor will review the course approval process with you and give you a Course Approval Form. You will be directed to the specific faculty, advisor, and/or college office for signature approval on each course. They will review course syllabi and other course material in order to approve and assign the appropriate UIC equivalent. Students will not be registered for Study Abroad until their Course Approval Form is complete.

To receive credit for an internship, the internship experience has to be part of a graded course listed on the transcript from abroad. Just as with any classroom content course, you must have approval for internship credit from the appropriate signatory.


International students who are registered with the UIC Office of International Services are not eligible to study abroad in their country of passport.

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