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Australia Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology – Cairns
This program explores the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of far North Queensland and the relationship of traditional and contemporary human cultures with the environment. Major topics of study include: coral reef conservation and management issues, Aboriginal perspectives on the environment, Green politics in Australia, and Geomorphology.

Previous coursework in environmental studies, ecology, biology, or related fields is required.
Australia Sustainability and Environmental Action
The program is designed to empower students to make a positive contribution in building more sustainable societies. Students gain critical knowledge necessary to make informed judgments about environmental issues and to consider questions related to environmental policy and natural resource management.
Australia The School for Field Studies
The School for Field Studies is academically accredited by the University of Minnesota.  SFS runs environmental field studies at their research stations in 8 countries. Each location has collaborated with the local community to develop a 5 year research plan.  Undergraduate students contribute to these as part of their coursework.  The programs explore the human and ecological dimensions of the complex environmental problems faced by local partners, contributing to sustainable solutions. The SFS community is part of a growing network of individuals and institutions committed to environmental stewardship.

Previous coursework in ecology, biology, or environmental studies/science is required.
Ecuador Comparative Ecology and Conservation – Quito
This program studies biological and ecological sciences applicable to conservation efforts, using key biological and ecological indicators such as plants, insects, birds, mammals, and other biological taxa. The program looks at the botany, entomology, ornithology, mammalogy, geology, and natural history of Ecuador’s unique ecological zones.

Previous college-level coursework and/or other preparation in environmental studies, ecology, biology, or related fields and 4 semesters college-level Spanish are required.
Iceland Renewable Energy, Technonolgy, and Resource Economics [Summer] – Ísafjörður
This program explores all aspects of renewable energy with Iceland serving as the primary case example. Major topics of study include: the geology beneath energy usage and the importance of its sustainable utilization, Hydro- and geothermal power; wind, solar, tidal, and biomass energy; alternative fuels; and resource economics and policy; Sustainable energy design and implementation within larger sociocultural, economic, and environmental contexts.

Previous college-level coursework or background in engineering, economics, environmental studies, or related fields is required.
Madagascar Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management – Fort Dauphin
This program studies environmental challenges, conservation, and development strategies in Madagascar, an island nation isolated from neighboring landmasses for more than one hundred million years.  Students will analyze environmental issues in an array of ecosystems — including rainforest, dry spiny thicket, alpine and transitional forest, savannah, gallery and littoral forest, mangrove, and coral reef — and within multiple economic, socio-political, and cultural contexts.

Previous coursework in environmental studies, ecology, biology, or related fields and at least 3 semesters of college-level French are required.
Nepal Geoscience in the Himalaya [Summer] – Kathmandu
The program focuses on field geoscience, geohazards, and environmental sci­ence in the context of human interactions and sustain­able development in Nepal. Through extended mountain treks, students engage in classic field geologic skill development and innovative inquiry of human-Earth systems.

At least two upper division (above the 100-level) geoscience, earth science–oriented environmental science, or physical geography courses are required. Ability to trek and do fieldwork in the High Himalaya and Middle Hills regions of central and western Nepal.
Panama Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation – Panama City
This program provides students with an immersive opportunity to study in one of the world’s most diverse ecological environments. Topics of study include tropical forest ecology; marine and wetland ecology; mammal and bird conservation; indigenous resource use; and the human-natural resource interface.

Previous coursework in environmental studies, ecology, or biology is required.

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