Faculty Voices

This page is a space for faculty who are involved in international academic programming for UIC undergraduates and/or professional development activities.


John E. Coumbe-Lilley, faculty member in the department of Kinesiology and Nutrition in the College of Applied Health Sciences and Study Abroad Faculty Advisor.

John has developed and led six week summer programs to Ireland and Spain.  He has an ongoing blogaimed at faculty and individuals interested in the faculty experience. My posts try to convey the objectives and processes I used before and during the program. The purpose of this page is to share ideas and ways for reader’s to use my experiences and insights for their own benefit for their future study abroad programs.” Click here to read.

In October 2016, he participated in an International Educator’s Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark sponsored by the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.  “My objectives this week are to determine the range of opportunities UIC students might take advantage of, identify strategies and high impact practices engaging students in learning in a cultural context that is unlikely to be replicated in Chicago and to understand the ways other institutions go about delivering and evaluating their study abroad programming. DIS is a program partner with the UIC Study Abroad Office.  Click here to read.


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