International Health Insurance

The University of Illinois system has negotiated a policy for all its campuses with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (AJG). The AJG policy is designed for students, faculty, and staff who are going abroad for study, research, or other official UIC business.

For students applying to go abroad through the Study Abroad Office, international health insurance is mandatory. AJG is the default policy unless proof can be provided that the student has coverage under a policy with equal or better benefits.
Click the Enrollment toggle below. Once on the AJG site, click STUDENT TRAVEL INSURANCE ENROLL on the left side menu.

For faculty and staff who are funded by the university or on university connected business, click the Enrollment toggle below. Once on the AJG site, click FACULTY AND STAFF TRAVEL INSURANCE ENROLL on the left side menu.

Independent travel is not covered by the university policy. This includes dates of travel that are in addition to official travel, e.g. extended stay or early arrivals. The AJG policy does not cover accompanying family members who are not dependents, or friends not traveling on university business. For these situations, AJG offers an alternate policy. Information can be accessed here.

Length of Program Cost of Insurance*
Up to 15 days $14.56
More than 15 days up to 45 days $26.47
More than 45 days up to 75 days $59.56
More than 75 days up to 195 days $119.12
More than 195 days up to 315 days $264.72
More than 315 days up to 365 days $316.67

*Prices are subject to change.


Enrollment Instructions

For students who are studying abroad through the Study Abroad Office, you will receive your program dates at the pre-departure orientation. You should use these dates for your insurance policy. AJG offers the option of enrolling online through a self-enroll portal.  You must create an account to enroll. Upon enrollment, you will have access to the insurance brochure, claim forms, and insurance card.

Enrollment is a quick and easy process

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AJG Insurance

Using AJG

For medical referrals, evacuation, repatriation or other services please call Gallagher Global Assistance at 1-866-693-6873 (Toll-Free) 1-312-935-9242 (Direct Dial). You can also email them at Many hospitals or medical centers may require payment at the time of service. If this occurs, you will be responsible for contacting Health Special Risk for reimbursement and their information, including the claim form, can be found on by clicking on the Claims Company link on the left side of the page. If you are hospitalized or wish to schedule a doctor’s appointment ahead of time, please contact Gallagher Global Assistance so that they may contact the hospital on your behalf and try to arrange for direct payment to the hospital.

AJG Schedule of Benefits Coverage And Services

Click here for the Schedule of Benefits

AJG Plan Information

Click here for a full list of benefits, exclusions and limitations to


CampusCare / Domestic Insurance Requirements

Students studying abroad are required to purchase international health insurance coverage specifically designed to cover services provided outside the United States.

CampusCare only covers health services provided in the United States. In addition to the required international health insurance coverage, students studying abroad must have domestic coverage in order to waive out of CampusCare. CampusCare coverage can be continued during semesters abroad to provide domestic health coverage in the event it is needed.

Students participating in a recognized Study Abroad Program who have not previously waived CampusCare coverage will be automatically enrolled (along with any enrolled dependents) in CampusCare for their term abroad and assessed the Student Health Insurance Fee.

Students who do not wish to have concurrent domestic health benefits coverage under CampusCare during their term abroad must submit a Waiver Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

Students who previously waived out of CampusCare but wish to have concurrent domestic coverage under CampusCare during their term abroad should submit a Reinstatement Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date. Students may also enroll eligible dependents by submitting the Dependent Enrollment Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

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