International Student Exchange

              “A program involving reciprocal movement of students between institutions.”

The University of Illinois at Chicago has established exchange partnerships with a number of universities around the world. Exchange programs give students the chance to study at a university outside of the United States and "in exchange" give a student from that university a chance to study at UIC.

Outgoing Exchange Students from UIC

Exchanges provide a full immersion experience. In most cases, exchange students take classes with students from the host country and have the opportunity to get involved in campus clubs, organizations, and activities.

Exchanges are most appropriate for an independent and highly motivated student looking for a fully immersive study abroad experience. Students who choose this option are expected to adapt to what is often a different, more autonomous educational structure, and is therefore best suited for students with a strong academic history.

As with all study abroad programs, exchange participants are required to take a full- time course load while abroad. Some exchanges have a limited number of placements and can be quite competitive; therefore, students are encouraged to consider alternative options when applying. In the Program Search database, type the word exchange in the box labeled Program Name for a list of exchange options.

For exchange programs, students will pay UIC tuition and fees just like a semester or summer term on campus in Chicago. Additional costs include housing, international insurance, air fare, and personal expenses. Because of this cost structure, exchanges are often ideal for students who have a UIC tuition waiver and for those who are eligible for Veterans Affairs education benefits.

Incoming Exchange Students to UIC

Students may apply to UIC through the exchange program only if their university is a partner institution. To find out if your institution has a partnership with UIC, visit our list of exchange program partner institutions. If your institution is not listed and you would still like to study at UIC, please visit the International Admissions page for more information.

Incoming exchange students should consult with their home institution advisor. In order to be considered for the exchange program, an authorized coordinator at the home institution must nominate the applying student. The coordinator at the home institution will provide the student with instructions on how to proceed. UIC does NOT accept self-nominations for exchange.

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