Program Models

There are six study abroad program models. Not every model is the right academic/personal fit for
every student. Your Study Abroad advisor can help you determine what might be the best choice for
you based on curriculum offerings, student support services, and scholarship/grant funding

The program models are:

1. UIC Faculty-led Summer Programs These are short-term programs of 4-6 weeks led by a UIC faculty. Only UIC students participate in the program. The student pays tuition and fees to the partner institution either directly or through the Study Abroad Office.
2. UIC Faculty-led Embedded Programs These programs are ‘embedded’ in a Spring term course at UIC. The international module takes place over the spring break. Only students enrolled in the on-campus course can participate. It is a course requirement. The student pays UIC range tuition and fees for the on-campus course plus direct costs of the international component.
3. Exchange Programs This portfolio includes all bi-lateral exchanges, i.e. a UIC student goes to a partner university abroad and a student from there comes to UIC. The UIC student is directly enrolled in classes at the partner university. This is the only program model where the UIC student pays UIC range tuition and fees. Accommodation and other fees are paid directly to the partner university. UIC tuition waivers and Veteran’s benefits can only be used with this program model.
4. Direct Enroll Programs This portfolio includes partner universities abroad where the student can directly enroll. Academic choices and student support services are similar to the exchange model. But the student pays tuition and fees to the partner institution.
5. Hybrid Programs This portfolio mainly has programs offered by US academic consortium partners who have program centers worldwide. These centers are fully staffed and offer strong student support services. Students can enroll in classes offered at the program center taught by local faculty and/or in most cases can also take courses at the local university. The student pays tuition and fees to the partner institution.
6. Independent Programs. This portfolio has a combination of US university program centers abroad and research centers. It is similar to the Hybrid model except that students take all coursework at the program center. Most often there is a set curriculum based on a program theme, e.g. Sustainability; Migration; New Media; Rural Development, etc. The student pays tuition and fees to the partner institution.
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