SAO Domestic and International Partners

The Study Abroad Office maintains a portfolio of over 200 summer, semester, and academic year programs which have been vetted according to international education best practice and the academic goals of individual undergraduates. All partners have an active affiliation agreement with the Study Abroad Office. Among the considerations are a combination of academic and operational benchmarks. For the former, the academic quality of programs is determined by home-country or US accreditation, breadth and depth of the curriculum available to visiting students, appropriate language instruction, and reputation among peer departments or disciplines. Ultimately, approval of coursework for credit is determined by UIC faculty and/or college/department advisors. On the operational side, program affiliation is generally based on the depth and breadth of student services, consistent safety and risk management policies and implementation on site. Program site evaluation visits by SAO staff, faculty, college advisors, and/or student affairs staff supplement and confirm affiliation benchmarks.

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