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Top Study Abroad programs that offer Public Health coursework

Argentina Community Public Health – Buenos Aires
This program focuses on community health issues including population health analysis and issues of gender and human rights in the health care delivery model. Instructors are practitioners in the field, conducting research on social determinants of health. Special attention is given to medical terminology, and to improving your Spanish grammar, reading, and oral expression.

This program is only offered in the summer. Ability to follow coursework in Spanish is required.
Botswana Community Public Health – Gaborone
This program explores rural public health issues and the relationship between modern and traditional medicine through clinical observation, a multiday stay in a rural village, and basic Setswana language learning.

This program is only offered in the summer.
Brazil  Public Health, Race, and Human Rights – Salvador
This program focuses on healthcare policies in Brazil, including traditional Afro-Brazilian healing practices, and their resulting impacts on different groups and communities.

Chile Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment – Arica
This program examines intercultural health and alternative healthcare practices in Chile and southern Peru, including beliefs and health practices of the Aymara and Mapuche indigenous groups.

Ability to follow coursework in Spanish is required.
Chile Health Studies in Santiago
This program gives students the opportunity to participate in clinical observation experiences, while improving  communication skills through a Spanish course for health practitioners.

Ability to follow courseework in Spanish is required.
China Community Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine – Kunming
This program en­gages students with integrated healthcare in China today, including indigenous ethnic minority healing systems, Bai traditional herbal medicine, Naxi Dongba shamanism, Tibetan medicine, and the pharmacopoeia of TCM herbal medicine.

This program is only offered in the summer.
Denmark Public Health in Northern Europe – Copenhagen
Develop a Northern European perspective on salient aspects of public health such as prevention and quality improvement while examining the challenges of health economics, delivery, and prioritization.

Dominican Republic Public Health – Santiago
Combining traditional classroom instruction and field work in both urban and semi-rural communities, students study the challenges confronting the Hispanic Caribbean with a focus on the health/illness process and its relation to health management, policies, and coverage.

The program is offered only in the summer.
Ability to follow coursework in Spanish is required.
India Public Health, Policy Advocacy, and Community – Delhi
This program explores the links between public health, policy advocacy, and community, with a focus on women, children, tribal, and other marginalized and vulnerable populations in India.

India Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Practices – multi site
This program’s focus is on the institutions, methodologies, and practitioners of traditional medicine.  Students will learn to compare and contrast India’s traditional and modern healthcare systems and how issues such as climate change, globalization, and development may be impacting health services and healthcare access across India.

This program is offered only in the summer.
South Africa Health Studies in Cape Town
Designed for students interested in health-related careers, this program enables you to examine health care delivery in South Africa. Field visits, observational visits to local health facilities, service work in a township near Cape Town, and a week-long rural excursion in the northern part of South Africa provide firsthand experience with the many health issues that plague South Africa, and the national effort to improve public health.

This program is offered only in the summer.
Switzerland Global Health and Development Policy – Geneva
The program investigates issues dominating the international health and development arena. Students learn through onsite briefings and lectures with health and development experts at international and nongovernmental organizations The program’s eight-day excursion to Morocco provides students with a different vantage point in which to compare and contrast public health systems and the impact of development on health.

Thailand Community Public Health – Khon Kaen Semester or Summer
This program uses a mixed-method curriculum combining classroom and lecture-based learning, peer facilitation, site visits, and community engagement, Students use a number of local case studies to explore trends of health and disease, critical assessments of system reform, and control strategies for newly emerging health problems.

United Kingdom & Jamaica Health Practice and Policy – London & Kingston
The curriculum of this multi-country program focuses on topics of social welfare policy, comparative health care systems and policies, public health in Europe, and health & disease.

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