Study Abroad Process

Steps to Study Abroad Action Taken by Student
1.  Attend a First Step Advising Session

These are held several times a week.  No appointment necessary. For schedule go to:

2.  Select a program

Research your academic and location interests on the SAO website Programs page.

3.  Schedule an advising appointment

Select based on your need:
a) Walk-in advising
b) consultation appointment
c) specific program advising appointment
For specifics go to:

4.  Course approval

Meet with college/department academic advisor to determine remaining degree requirements and get pre-approval for coursework to be taken abroad.

5.  Complete applications 1. Study Abroad Office application
2. Program specific application

6.  Apply for scholarships

7.  Pre-departure Orientation

§  All forms due
§  Remove any ‘Holds’
§  Enroll in Insurance as applicable

8. While Abroad

§  Maintain Course Approval
§  Register for next term classes

9.  On Return

§  Complete program evaluation
§  Talk about your experience with Peers!

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