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minimum eligibility requirements?
There is no required minimum GPA for students to apply through the Study Abroad Office. Students must be in good academic standing in order to apply. See the full list of UIC SAO requirements. Specific programs may have additional eligibility requirements.
how to get credit?
Provided that you follow academic guidelines given to you before you study abroad, your study abroad credit will count towards your UIC degree. Through a special pre-departure approval system, you will discuss your program with academic advisors in the Study Abroad Office, faculty members, your academic advisor and/or college dean. This will help to ensure that you get UIC resident credit upon successful completion of your course work abroad. You can usually earn up to 6 – 8 hours for the summer, 12-18 hours for a semester and up to 30 for the academic year. Your grades from abroad will appear on your UIC transcript and will count toward your UIC cumulative GPA.
how much it costs?
Each program’s costs vary. The Study Abroad Office will help you choose a program to fit your budget and academic plan. On average, studying abroad does not have to cost more than being full time at UIC, living on campus with a meal plan. Often these costs are offset by grants and scholarships. Some program partners offer specific scholarships and grants to UIC students. Although they cannot be used for traditional study abroad programs, UIC tuition waivers and Veteran’s Affairs financial support do apply to outgoing exchange programs.
using financial aid?
Once you have your courses approved, financial aid for which UIC students are normally eligible – in addition to UIC grants – may be applied toward study abroad. Specific information about your eligibility for financial aid may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.
the kinds of scholarships and grants are available?
Each year, study abroad students access over $250,000 in scholarship and grant support funding. Some program partners offer specific scholarships and grants to UIC students. Talk to your Study Abroad Advisor about these opportunities and also look at the scholarship page on the SAO website.
needing to know a foreign language?
Many programs have no foreign language requirement to apply and offer all coursework in English. Other programs have minimum language requirements for cultural assimilation and/or because courses are taught in the local language. Please check each program listing for more information or speak with a Study Abroad Advisor.
taking courses abroad in your major?
Studying abroad is a great way to enhance your major, but there is no requirement that you take courses in your major. Review your DARS report and meet with your department/college advisor to see what kinds of credit are still required for your graduation. Your Study Abroad advisor will work with you to select the appropriate courses abroad to fulfill your major, minor, general education, language, or elective requirements.
when to begin planning to study abroad?
It is never too early to start planning. Meet with your college advisor to review your four year plan to see when study abroad might fit best into your curriculum. Studying abroad will not delay graduation. You are physically somewhere else, but because of our course approval process, you remain on track for graduation.
going abroad with UIC faculty?
Every summer, there is a collection of programs that offer a course taught by UIC faculty. These customized programs enroll only UIC students, are from 4-6 weeks long, and students can earn up to 7 credits. The full list of faculty-led programs is posted on the SAO website during the Fall term for the following summer. Deadlines to apply are usually in March.

Students Studying Abroad Fall 2017 – Summer 2018
10 colleges, 59 majors, 32 countries, $981,685 in scholarship and grant awards



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Early Program Application Deadlines

Freeman Asia Scholarship
Application Opens in Early January

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship
Application opens November 19th, and is due January 7th

Humboldt University Summer Program
Deadline is February 13th

Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship Deadline is February 14th

Contisuyo Archaeological
Deadline is February 15th

Gilman International Scholarship Application deadline March 5th

Summer and Fall 2019 application deadline is March 15th

*Some programs may have earlier deadlines*



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