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At its heart, studying abroad is first and foremost an academic endeavor.  All of UIC’s programs abroad are credit-bearing and will contribute towards your UIC GPA.  As such, it is important that you take your study abroad experience seriously and select a program on which you can succeed while advancing your academic goals.

One of the unique aspects of studying abroad is that you may have the chance to experience the educational system of another culture. Sometimes, students can find the expectations and teaching styles of professors abroad different than those they are used to at their home institution. Make sure you are doing your research to understand what the academic environment of your host country is likely to entail.

The Study Abroad Office is fortunate to maintain partnerships with many reputable academic institutions and organizations around the world.  Through collaboration with UIC’s academic units, we vet programs and partnerships to ensure that they meet UIC’s expectations for providing a quality academic experience and that students have opportunities to receive UIC credit that counts towards their degree requirements. Additionally, we consider whether or not institutions and organizations are accredited by the appropriate accreditation agencies in their respective countries, and when necessary, have important U.S. accreditation markers such as ABET for Engineering or AACSB for Business.

Please refer to the pages within this section for information on study abroad by discipline, credit and grading policies, and registration for study abroad courses.

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UIC has three main types of study abroad programs: faculty-directed, partnership, and exchange programs. Learn more about the academic structure of each type of program by exploring the content below.

Now that you know the academic value of study abroad, visit this page for tips on choosing the right program for you!