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Airfare Funding

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Funding Your Airfare

A crucial component to your study abroad process would not be able to occur without a purchased flight to your destination. Luckily, students have multiple resources available to find the best flights available for your trip. Check out the following airfare funding options below and find the best flight accommodations for your study abroad experience.

StudentUniverse Heading link

Picture of a traveler abroad with a pride flag.

Student Universe helps students find the best deals for flights that can’t be found on other sites! Partnering with over 200 airlines, assisting students with finding the best discounts and travel deals while empowering young adults to experience the world.


  • Must be within the ages of 16-25
  • Must be enrolled at your university during your travel

Use StudentUniverse today and travel to India, China, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada, and more!

ScholarTrip Heading link

Picture of a traveler in an airport.

ScholarTrip is a travel agency that specializes in flights for college students, teachers and travelers under the age of 26! ScholarTrip offers various services that aren’t comparable to other agencies catered to students. Utilize ScholarTrip’s exclusive student airfare discounts, with 24/7 support from travel experts, and find exclusive deals negotiated with airlines around the world.

ScholarTrip offers and deals exclusive for students and teachers to a large number of countries. Travel to Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Canada with ScholarTrip!

ScholarTrip’s Deposit Program

Make a deposit as low as $300 prior to purchasing to assure the best priced ticket that can be paid off 14 days prior to your trip with no interest! View information about the Airfare Deposit program here.


College and university students, teachers, and travelers under 26 are eligible to purchase a ticket using ScholarTrip.