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Hannah Ellis Abroad

“Study abroad allows students to expand their horizons academically, professionally, and spiritually.”

Hannah Ellis, French & Francophone Studies and Political Science  |  SIT Geneva, Switzerland

As you can see from the blogs below, study abroad is intended to be for students of all backgrounds and identities. However, your identities undoubtedly influence how you experience study abroad.  Our study abroad advisors are available to help you learn more about what to expect abroad by sharing resources from our partners and UIC alumni. Visit our Resource Page on Navigating your Identities Abroad and reach out to our Student Ambassadors to hear their lived experiences and personal reflections.

Connect with UIC Study Abroad Alumni

Our study abroad alumni are excited to share their experiences with prospective study abroad students!  Learn more about how study abroad impacted them by connecting with our study abroad ambassadors or reading our recent UIC study abroad alumni blogs below.

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Alicia Bowers, College of Business, Marketing

CEA Seville, Spain

A Seville Semester: My Homestay & Daily Routine

Read Alicia's blog here

Pablo Cisneros, College of Business, Marketing

IES Tokyo, Japan

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Gabby Ciuteikis, CADA, IDEAS & Spanish

CEA Seville, Spain

Choosing a Homestay in Seville

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Musaab Froukh, LAS, Biochemistry

CIEE Gaborone, Botswana

Cooking in the Dorms

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Jazmin Juarez, LAS, Latin American and Latino Studies

CIEE Shanghai, China

Pre-Departure Reflections

Week 1: 5 things that Surprised me about Shanghai

Week 2: Gift Giving in China

Read Jazmin's blog here

Nevan Patel, LAS, Biological Sciences

CIEE Open Campus – Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Berlin, Germany

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Deborah Salami, LAS, Criminology, Law & Justice

CEA London, UK

London Calling: 3 Ways to Elevate Your Study Abroad Experience

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Jennifer Saviski, LAS, Spanish

CEA Seville, Spain

Studying Abroad in Seville as a Division 1 Athlete

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Christy Tran, LAS, Psychology

DIS Stockholm, Sweden

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Jesus Vargas-Martinez, LAS, CLJ & Spanish

UIC Oaxaca, Mexico

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Dorothy Wright, LAS, Biological Sciences

SFS Australia

Looking at Australia Through a Cultural Lens

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