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Go Abroad Again

Isabelle Jaspar Studying Abroad in Spain

You just returned home from an enriching and eye-opening experience abroad and you are eager to go abroad again? This is certainly possible! We have had many students study abroad multiple times and still graduate on time. While some students’ majors allow them to study abroad for multiple semesters, some may be more restrictive. It may be wise to consider short-term programming to not conflict with on-campus degree requirements or one of our UIC faculty-directed programs in a discipline related to your major. If studying abroad multiple times is something you are considering, it is important to share this information with your academic advisor as soon as possible. When you’re ready to explore program options, schedule an appointment with one of our study abroad advisors.

Whether or not you study abroad multiple times while at UIC, opportunities to engage internationally after graduation are numerous. There are several international fellowships, teaching opportunities, and more that are made available to recent college graduates. Explore some of these opportunities below!

Graduate Programs or Fellowships Abroad Heading link

Humboldt University

Graduate Programs Abroad

U.S. students can attend graduate programs at institutions all over the world. Most students apply and enroll directly through foreign universities, so there are relatively few resources that assist students with the process. Students need to be prepared to navigate the application and matriculation process independently or possibly with the help of the host university’s international office.

The Study Abroad Office, Office of External Fellowships, Career Services, and the Writing Center can all help you prepare your applications for graduate schools.

Office of External Fellowships

The Office of External Fellowships (OEF) provides extensive advising and assistance to current UIC undergraduate and professional school students, and to recent alumni, in finding and applying for nationally- and internationally-competitive fellowships, scholarships, and grants. Opportunities include the Boren Scholarship, Fulbright Grants, and many others and UIC students have received these and other competitive fellowships that have helped them pursue academic and career interests here in Chicago and around the globe. OEF can help you as you apply to these competitive fellowships. Most deadlines come around September or October. Plan accordingly and give yourself ample time to prepare your application and access resources.

Intern or Work Abroad Heading link

We recommend you meet with a career counselor in UIC Career Services or with an advisor in your college specific career center to discuss domestic and international internship/work opportunities in your field as well as strategies to better prepare for your international job search. Additionally, the Study Abroad Office has a myriad of expertise living and working abroad and access to a large network of international education professionals who have pursued international work opportunities abroad post-graduation. Remember, your professors may have experience teaching or researching internationally and will likely have some suggestions or recommendations for networks you can tap into. Share your interests and desire to work internationally with your advisors, faculty, and any staff you connect with at UIC. This way, as they come across new international opportunities, they can pass along relevant opportunities to you.

Seeking out a career abroad requires self-motivation. As you would with any job, you will need to do ample research to ensure that the organization or company is a reputable one. Speaking to former employees of the organization or alumni of the program will give you key insight into the operations and ethics of the desired organization. There will likely also be local and national policies and visa requirements you will need to adhere to. Be sure to become knowledgeable on the specific country’s requirements for work visas before committing to any internship, volunteer work, or job abroad.

It is possible to intern or work in a variety of professional sectors, below are some resources and ideas to get you started; however, there are an infinite amount of possibilities not listed here.

On-line job search databases and resources for work abroad: Go Abroad, Go Overseas, Transitions Abroad, Global Edge, Idealist