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The opportunity for law students to study abroad has numerous benefits.  Learning about different approaches to legal systems and cross-cultural considerations will make a lawyer better prepared to deal with a globalized legal practice. Our study abroad programs are designed to introduce students to lawyers and other students from different countries, which will not only lead to a broader understanding of legal principles, but which may help with networking in the future.  In addition, having an international experience is something that law students can market to potential employers, whether a domestic law firm which does business abroad or a foreign law firm looking for new attorneys versed both in U.S. law and with exposure to other legal systems.

Paul Lewis, Professor and Director, Center for International Law

“A broader understanding of the globalized legal world will aid in your career in ways which may be difficult to comprehend at this time.  The law you will learn will challenge your basic legal assumptions, and the contacts you make may pay dividends in your career for many years in the future.”

Paul Lewis  |  Professor and Director, Center for International Law

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There are currently two exchange programs offered to UIC Law Students – Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic and University of Lucerne in Lucerne, Switzerland.